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Agriculture and gardening supplies

Everything an agriculture project needs from high quality seeds, dripping, green houses, specialized combines, tractors and packaging machines procurement. With years of experience Micha will guide you through the entire process and make sure the right materials and tools are picked. Also, if needed, on site usage training and guidance is possible.

Marketing and transportation adviser

New Marketing channels and shipping development. Developing shipping solutions from scratch to anywhere around the world, both air and land. Manage customer relationships and local representatives communications.

Train Local workers and management teams

Highly proficient in forming and training new and existing workers and management teams. bring local teams to new standards in quality, land maintenance, all stages of crop growth, shipping products to the markets, procurement, etc. Guide through all stages of receiving and maintaining certifications.



Active guide and adviser for the entire process with proven experience. Consulting both for a few acres pilot and fully developed hundreds of acres farms. Everything you need from hiring local workers, building Greenhouses, Irrigation, planning, equipment purchases, to setting up a packaging factory.

About Micha Peretz

I was born in Israel and grew up in a moshav in the Jezreel Valley.

  • 1975 – 1982 - Intensive growth (spring & autumn) of Anchor melons, exported to England. Managed joint experiments / observations session with guidance of professors from the Volcani Institute. Training workers in trellis for tomatoes, and melons in the greenhouse. Experiments in fertilization, irrigation methods, and new varieties of melons - Galia melon with a long shelf life.

  • 1982 – 1985 - Exporting large amounts of Galia Melons to England, Marks & Spencer, including sorting and packaging. Professional consultant and help with growing melons in a large project shared by the Government of Jamaica and Israel, exporting 3000 tons of melons for Europe and the US as well as smaller quantities of peppers, tomatoes and several other crops.

  • 1985 – 1991 - Setup, management and construction of an agricultural project - Roy-Dan – based in Antigua. Developed the logistics system that transported 140 tons a week via air from Antigua to London and to the US by sea.

  • 1991 – 2001 - Continued activity in Israel exporting large amounts of Galia Melons. Managed the Israel site for a company that specialized in growing potatoes both for peels to export to England in the winter, and the local chips industry in Israel. Selected the growing areas, and managed the packing house and maintained compliance with European standards.

  • 2001 – 2004 - Established a private farm in Antigua, producing melons and papaya for the local market and cruise ships in the Caribbean.

  • 2004 – 2008 - Providing agricultural consultation to Amerindian communities and others through USAID in Guyana.

  • 2008 – 2017 - Established a system for growing vegetables (instead of sugar cane) in Barbados, including training of workers, and guidance on water, drip irrigation and intelligent use of materials, construction of a packing house and a refrigerated warehouse with European standards and assimilation of work procedures according to the existing farm.
  • SAS - Scientific Agriculture Solutions

    Founded 15+ years ago, US & Carribean based.
    High level Goals:
    1. Training farmers to reach Global Gap quality products and supporting opening new markets such as Europe, US, cruise ships in the Caribbean and more.
    2. Professional guidance on plant growth (organic, non-organic, dripping, Indoor and outdoor, etc).
    3. Assisting new projects and farmers, supporting initial setup, market utilization, supplies, etc.
    4. Supply of high-grade equipment and supplies. Everything that is needed for the project. from dripping, fertilizers and seeds to heavy machinery.
    5. Personalized recommendations for seeds, vegetables and types of plantations.
    6. Training in all types of irrigation systems (dripping, hydroponics, etc).


    Barbuda Agricultural Project -

  • Size: 50+ acre.
  • A list of profitable suggested crops with growing price and market price would be available upon demand.
  • There is a high demand in Antigua & Barbuda market for the suggested crops and potential buyers for the harvest are already interested.
  • *Interested parties should contact Micha Peretz directly, click here for communication methods.

    Agriculture Projects -

    SAS currently leads several projects, each in a different stage.
    If you are an investor looking to profit from agricultural projects backed by verified experts and professionals.
    Or if you would like to setup a new project in your region, please click here for communication methods.

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